In our house Valentines, Christmas and Anniversaries are always celebrated to an extent, but we certainly never go crazy with gifts, if any. We figure we don’t need a holiday imposed upon us to show our love and adoration for one another, and are very lovey-lovey EVERY day.
Birthdays, however, are a very different matter for me. I always insist, much to my wife’s chagrin, on doing something big. For the previous year I threw a very unexpected surprise birthday party for her with all her friends after the end of a long and difficult week. On top of that, I had all her friends pitch in on a shopping spree at Target (her favorite store, by far) and got her the weekend off from work so we could spend it with her sister a few hours away. Home. Run.
This year, though, with both of us student teaching at the same time, funds were limited and I needed to do something special as it was her 30th. Planning more than a month in advance, I emailed all her friends and family that lived afar and motored around town to those that weren’t, and collected videos wishing her a happy birthday. It was ready to play on her computer with a little “Play Me!” sign on the morning of her birthday. Waterworks ensued, the video was a success. Here it is in all it’s glory, one of my favorite brainstorms and projects ever. It’s got a 2 minute photo intro and is a little bit long, so feel free to invest some time. There were a lot of loved ones and well wishers to include.


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