Construction Paper part 2, Fifth Grade Memory Books

Working as an Instructional Aide last year, we had a weekly “Star of the Week” activity wherein one student would bring objects and pictures that told a lot about them, and share, and in turn the class would write a letter and draw a picture on a half sheet of paper. The teacher I was working with, Danielle, asked me to put together a cover so that we could bind the pictures and I started making them in the evenings while watching a movie or TV with my wife. After about 3 of these book covers Danielle realized there was more to it than anticipated in what she had asked me to, and we added a class photo, an “about me” info page and even some samples of writing and drawing from each student. The final product was a 5th grade memory book for each student, totally unexpected and unanticipated. The turned out great and said a lot about each kid.



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