Scooter Speakers

Living in beautiful southern California we’re able to ride our scooters/motorcycles/bicycles year round, just as part of the astronomical price of living here should entail. This last Christmas season my wife and I wanted to hop on her scooter to cruise around and look at the holiday light displays that people had so festively put on display, and I thought it would be novel to be able to listen to Christmas tunes while doing so (I don’t know why the idea struck me, I hate Christmas music).

Image(The festive scoot. The wreath was another quick hot glue and suction cup creation.)

I spent the afternoon keeping an eye out for a small, yet affordably priced speaker set up while out doing some holiday shopping, and found a little set-up at Urban Outfitters, of all places, while picking up a few things for the nephews.

Basically, it was a little person with a speaker for a head that plug via headphone cable into an iPod or iPhone and got decent quality sound for such a tiny package. I wanted to attach him to the top of the scooter with suction cups, but as the power switch was on the bottom of the figure, I had to make a stand for him with a hole for the switch so that I would be able to get to it. I did so by cutting up a small, plastic pencil box and hot gluing it together, Mod Podging decorative paper over it to make it more visually appealing and to hid my sloppy glue job.




Next I took the remaining plastic from the pencil box and made a case for my iPhone that allowed for a plug and access to the screen while still staying firmly attached. Because I didn’t want to trust the fate of my phone to a suction cup alone for the case, I made a multi-layered loop on the back that I could put a climbing hook through and affix it firmly to the mirror stem.


It worked very nicely, but after all that work, my wife wussed out and we ended up climbing into the car to escape the “cold”. Still, it’s a neat little set-up that works well for leisurely rides.



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