The Jack Daniels Motorbike

It’s genetic, you should know. The insistent need to be constantly working on one or two things at a time. Indulging in as much of the process as taking satisfaction in the product, only to tinker and tailor a little more. My dad is always working on something, and I must say, the projects he takes on and the things he accomplishes put the little things I do to shame. His most recent/epic is a 1948 Greyhound bus that he painstakingly customized and restored into a 1950’s era RV, something that draws crowds no matter where he takes it.

I did get to help him with this one, though, a “kit” (for lack of a better word) moto-bicycle. He recently got his hands on a brand new Jack Daniels promotional beach cruiser (?) for next to nothing at a swap meet and wanted to make it ridiculous and a $300 kit was purchased to do just that.


However, it runs in my family that anything that is taken upon that is supposed to be simple/easy/quick/affordable/custom is rarely just that, and more often quite the opposite. We had a box of pieces and a garage full of tools at our mercy, and custom fabrication was definitely in order for part of the process. The frame was of course too thick and needed to be drilled (several times of our own ill-planned accord), the hardware was cheap and poorly made and the instructions were glazed over via Youtube video from the seller of the product.


Image ….My father playing the exhaust pipe.

After two days of issues and (ahem) “solutions”, we ended up with a pretty good rough draft. I must say, I was  impressed at how dialed in my dad’s seemingly disorganized garage is, as when we needed to come up with a fix for whatever problem we were facing, he was quick to make or repair, adjust or adapt a part to fit our dilemma.

Knowing my father it will never be done, just in some Phase at any given time until he completely loses interest, and I can say this because it is exactly how I am with these things- you can’t help but want to improve this or add that. It’ll get lights and a horn and some sort of vintage, custom or just plain weird cargo option. It’s only a matter of time.



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