Mother’s Day Petal Cards

The very best teachers can recognize the potential for learning, creativity or fun in just about anything, and fortunately I happen to work with more than one of those “very best”. Capitalizing on a stellar close-out deal on decorative petal cards at the local office supply store, my dear friend Barbara bought enough for the entire sixth grade, knowing that something neat could be done with them, she just didn’t know exactly what that was. That’s were I came in.

Being the resident more artsy-fartsy inclined person on the team, Barbara gave me a blank and put me to the task of designing, creating and constructing a manageable project for the kiddos to do in time for Mother’s day. This was a real challenge for me because I typically am inspired by the immediate sight of some material or resource, and I am rarely required to create something from an item that doesn’t immediately inspire me. Additionally, it was made even more difficult because I couldn’t simply make the card, but rather had to create it and then work backwards in my design process in order to create adequate and easy-to-follow instructions for out students.

I tinkered. Tried a few things. Looked for inspiration. I eventually came up with two pretty solid designs. On Monday, the students were eager to assemble the cards and provide their mothers with an extra little bit of “razzle dazzle” this year.

My typical work station- the kitchen table, scissors, computer, beer and a mess…

The slits in the card are perfect for tying a ribbon onto.

“A heart, a hug, a smile”

Directions for printing on 8 1/2″ X 11″


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