This is a new blog…

…It is as much for me as it is for you. I realize that I am a very “Project Oriented” person, always focusing on the next thing to create, design, build or simply customize. As soon as I finish one thing, there are twenty more in it’s place- things to build, art to make, compositions, little tweaks, big investments of time, etc. Couple this dynamic of my nature with the fact that I work with children for a living, and there is an unending slew of things to be done in my house.

My wife is obviously a very understanding and patient person.

With the internet being the unfathomable resource that it is, I figured one more site devoted to being creative and making the most of what is afforded to you couldn’t hurt. Take five minutes with the blog and you’ll see a lot about me. I’ll start with things I’ve done, and update the things I’m doing. So hear it is.



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